venerdì 31 maggio 2013

My name is No One

my name is No one
in absence of light
I do not exist,

to the first sparkle I blaze, I grow
I join the giants,

but returned to quietness,
evening's quietness
I keep on being no one
outcast, I wear no falsehood,
In this world made of masks...


lunedì 27 maggio 2013


We are madeof what we eat
passing time we grow old
but truth be told 
our fate is to become
nutrishment for new seeds.


sabato 4 maggio 2013

Memoirs of a Deadman II : The path he went trough.

April 25th 2013

It's been a long since last time I updated this diary, I guess I had so much to do, routine what a  pain I've been so busy I had no time to write yet sitting here right now I realize I have nothing to write about... oh yeah , right, there actually is something, it's about that guy I met yesterday at the departement while checking the files about the last murders here in Rome, I think his surname was Donati, he must come from Tuscany, he said to be a freelancer journalist, he was searching info about the last breaktrough we had about the Arlecchino case, the killer squad rented by the Camorra that is terrorizing the capital.
What a dreamer he was, he pretended to have a clair perspective of what is happening just gathering informations here and there, he wanted "to make his part" , as it would matter, just litsening to his words caused me headache so I seized him once and for all with this very words:

"Litsen to me kiddo:

to defeat your own enmy,
you gotta think like your enmy,
act like your enemy,

And in the very moment
you won't reconize the person
standing at the mirror

That is the moment,
you shall backstab your enemy
and let that mask fall,
facing the truth that lies
beyond that broken mirror

So if you're fighting against monsters
my boy
you'd better surrender...

And if you can't,
well, beware not to lose
your humanity...


May 1st 2013

I just returned from the funerals of a collegue, they got him, yes them the Arlecchino squad, they let the authorities find the body and as usual they masked it with arlecchino's mask just to make fun of us, but exept from those masks we own nothing... I feel hopless, maybe is time to check those pages, those from my travel diaries of whom I don't recall any memory because of what happened back then... they said that back then I had been able to turn the tables of an entire criminal organization just using a deck of poker cards and name, Payne, the ghost that loomed over the Island, I don't remember anything of this, I can't play cards, and  the end pages of this fucking journal had been wrapped, the most recent clue I could get it's just this:

You my enemy

Finally I see you my enemy,
you kept hiding and deceiving me for a long time,
and now finally I can see you,
you're frightening close and similar to me,
you could be me,
but you took a different path
and now we are here,
you and me
eternal enemies,
eternal pairs,
forever respected.

Those lines sound so naive, what a fool must I had been...