domenica 1 giugno 2014


breathe in,
breathe out,

a circle shrinks,
a circle expands,

reality materializes,
reality fades,


Meditation is all about focusing your mind on the duality and ambiguty of reality.
Becoming aware that there's no such thing as a self or an individual you embark on a journey to elevation...
You will then come across a paradoxal crossroads, either becoming one with the existence or existing no more.
Enlightenment is such, when you reach a state of awareness that will allow you to overcome the paradox and become like

light both wave and matter and neither of them.

-- Hawke Isaacs


What's left to an angel with wrecked wings?

Fallen,chained to the abyss,
I look to the impentetrable blanket of clouds above me
I see the skies form whence I was exiled
I see my brothers flying free
I grind my teeth and scream
I curse the sun, the god that condemned me to this fate.

Afflicted by eternal solitude
I wander within the mortals
wishing the day I tasted ambrosia
were never been.

-- Hawke Isaacs



It is true that in the end everything fades to gray
not only colors but  brightness as well...
Black and white merge at the point
you can no longer distinguish
true from false and evil from good
both sides of dualities look the same
and reality loses its meaning
in a sinister ambiguity.

I'm glad to know I can call myself a full-fledged son of postmodernism, of its contraddictions, of its schizophrenia, of the destructive individualism...
Son of people raised on modernist precepts and values and hence instruced to reproduce those obsolete models in a world that's constantly changing on an ever faster rate.
Come to the antechamber of manhood I wonder what fruits are left to harvest.

--Hawke Isaacs