domenica 1 febbraio 2015

Drafts from "Apologies to my 25 readers"

Feb 2nd 2015 22:00 ITALY:

Time runs fast and I gotta get enough sleep for tomorrow, so I had to start it this way, as a draft, one of the many that will follow because, hell yes I have a damned need to write and I'm just sick tired of keeping stuff for myself in a Dropbox folder and as the frenetic life I'm living in the present days allows me to dedicate really little and badly spread slices of time to the craft of writing I have to do it via mobile devices most of the times.
So here I am generating fragments of a mosaic I don't have the time to recompose, this place is meant to be an offspring of the postmodernistic thought and way of life, so to put it in simple words a chaotic, messy and controversial blog.
Because that's who I am, a full fledged son of Postmoderrnism that has just awakened from the modern dream.

-- Hawke Isaacs

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