domenica 29 novembre 2015

My Recent Dantesque Journey of Introspection

As I was solo climbing the mountain of Purgatory in an attempt to reach the garden of Eden, blinded by my ambition I could not notice that I was losing energy and could not go further withot resting, but I kept on going and on a faithful day while traversing the plane populated by those who sinned of violence in search for a path for further ascention I was drained of all my strenght and fell back into Inferno, more precisely I fell in the depths of Styx's swamps joining the damned for Sloth....

As I stayed there paralyzed in a lethargic state growing weaker every month that passed by suddenly the unforeseeable happened, from above with all its might a white lighting stroke directly trough my heart and my body started convulsing and burning of a flame tha does not consumes.

Feeling more enough than recharged I swam my way outta the Styx and I started descending the Inferno moved by that fire that was burning within me, that same fire lit my way into that darkness and guided my steps away from demons and tamptation that would have corrupted me.

My journey trough the depths of the human soul continued as my restless spirit kept on piercing that darkness, I descended past the frozen lake Cogito and arrived to the bottom of Inferno facing for four days and four nights the One that once was called "The bringer of light".

As the dawn of the fifth day was getting closer and both of us were wounded and worn out because of the fierce duel between equals that had taken place he spoke to me with these words:

"Mortal you don't belong in this place of sinners and empty souls, not for now at least, but looking trough your eyes I see the scars of a fallen angel and the abyss you carry within, I can tell for sure that this isn't your first time trying to join the Empireal and failing in your quest for ascention and because of that I'm sure we will see each other again in a future time, but for today you may pass and join those souls who are spending centuries and millenia looking for the salvation they were granted"

A flash of light blinded me and I found myself liying on the shores of Purgatory yet another time.

Weaker than before but still present that flame within commanded me to stand onto my feets and to proceed to walk yet another path of ascention, and so carrying nothing with me I started walking, the day passed by and I started to notice that I was not able to feel the warmth that the flame used to radiate, so I decided to set camp and wait.

Now I'm still here waiting on the plane populated by those who sinned for Greed, aware of how weak I can be as a single individual, waiting for something or maybe for someone that would accompany me on my journey, for the only way for sharing wisdom is by traveling together, observing, knowing and learning from each other.

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