domenica 21 agosto 2016


I go down the stairs towards the massive door, getting closer all I could hear is silence.
I open the door and move the torch in front of me to light my steps. I lock the door.
In front of me a long corridor with bars on both sides.
There's Silence, it won't last long.
I Make two steps forward and all of a sudden roars and sounds twitching jaws fill the air while frantic bony arms reach out from the bars into the gloom to grab whatever might be at their reach.
I start my walk down the aisle proceeding along the center towards my guarding spot at the end of the room.
I know I shouldn't look, I know Inshould keep on walking straigh on my feet but there is something grim, something magnetic into observing the cinder red reflection that glows in their eyes under the torch's light.
I keep on walking, I get to my guarding position, I sit, to my right I hang the torch, to my left stands the alarm bell rope.
Another night guarding the Legion has begun.

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